Join the Microsoft Cloud Security Private Community

Welcome to the Cloud Security Private Community. By signing up for the ongoing program, you will receive access to our NDA roadmap calls, design exercises, surveys, and private previews.

Join the Microsoft Cloud Security 
Private Community

I've just (finally) joined the Microsoft Cloud Security Private Community and I recommend you do to, if you work primarily in Azure and the Microsoft cloud ecosystem. You're unlikely to get in if you're not a corporate customer with a signed NDA though.

What you'll get: Future vision, roadmaps and features

The form will take between 5-10 minutes and private features will be available on the subscriptions that you state, as many as you like, comma-delimited. Near the end of the form it'll ask you for which subscriptions you'd like the Preview features to be enabled on. If you have sandbox/dev subscriptions I'd recommend using these to begin with.

Have your tenant ID and subscription IDs to hand
The form will take around 5-10 minutes to fill out

Oh, and you'll be added to a handy community Teams channel!

The Form:

Appreciate that this isn't the most professional web form in the world but it seems to be the way Microsoft do things now...

Hope you enjoy!