Microsoft Cloud Security Expert? These documents are your bibles

Whether you're new or a seasoned cloud security professional in Azure/Microsoft, these are your bibles to carry with you at all times.

Microsoft Cloud Security Expert? These documents are your bibles

I've been having a think about what are the most valuable documents a Microsoft cloud security person should always have in their back pocket... Even if you're looking to get into this field. Read ahead and take note:

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Best practices is key. I've already experienced fixing security architecture that didn't follow best practice. It's a lot of work and time to rectify... Get it RIGHT the first time so you don't set yourself up for more (not-fun) work in the future. You might also cause someone else a headache. Let's not do that. This document is I'd say, a fundamental.

Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure - Cloud Adoption Framework
Proven guidance and best practices that help you confidently adopt the cloud and achieve business outcomes.

Azure Architecture Center

Best practices and patterns for building applications on Microsoft Azure. Covering design for cloud, optimising your workloads, choosing the right technologies, devops and much more. Get it right the first time!

Azure Architecture Center - Azure Architecture Center
The Azure Architecture Center provides guidance for designing and building solutions on Azure using established patterns and practices.

Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework

This lives within Azure Architecture Center and forms an absolute solid base to work upon. The Azure Well-Architected Framework is a set of guiding tenets that can be used to improve the quality of a workload. Take note of the 5 important pillars that make up this framework.

Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework - Azure Architecture Center
Learn about the five pillars of the Azure Well-Architected Framework and how they can produce a high quality, stable, and efficient cloud architecture.

Microsoft Sentinel Documentation

Use cases to get started using this SIEM. Covering all that Sentinel does such as KQL (Kusto), threat intelligence and detection, threat hunting, investgation and response.

Microsoft Sentinel documentation
This article presents use cases and scenarios to get started using Microsoft Sentinel. See and stop threats before they cause harm, with SIEM reinvented for a modern world. Microsoft Sentinel is your birds-eye view across the enterprise.# Required; article description that is displayed in search res…

Microsoft Sentinel Documentation - Decision Tree

Part of the documentation above is the Decision Tree; if you're designing your Sentinel workspace and CSOC architecture (which I hope you are and not just winging it...) then this will help you. Even for established environments I've found this handy when it comes to the possibility of multiple workspaces in other regions.

Design your Microsoft Sentinel workspace architecture
Use a decision tree to understand how you might want to design your Microsoft Sentinel workspace architecture.

Kusto Query Language (KQL) Overview

This will bolster your skill set in cloud security. You don't have to know every single query, but Azure runs on Kusto. You'll need to know a little and once you know that you can figure things out. It's very friendly! The operators, statements and functions are worth looking at.

Kusto Query Language (KQL) overview- Azure Data Explorer
This article is a general overview of the Kusto Query Language in Azure Data Explorer.

Zero Trust Implementation Guidance

As it says on the tin - hugely useful documents for creating a secure environment following Zero Trust principles.

Zero Trust Guidance Center
Learn what the Zero Trust security model is and how to implement deployment steps to apply the security architecture in your organization.

Fundamentals Documentation - Zero Trust Security

This is important and not everyone understands Zero Trust. If you can explain it, you'll look pretty good and do some decent work.

Zero Trust security in Azure
Learn about the guiding principles of Zero Trust and find resources to help you implement Zero Trust.

Microsoft 365 Security - Deploying Zero Trust for Microsoft 365

Quite new to me, but after doing some digging I've found this section important. It includes an illustration representing the work of deploying Zero Trust capabilities. I think that's content for another few posts....

Microsoft 365 Zero Trust deployment plan
Learn how to deploy Microsoft 365 Zero Trust security into your environment to defend against threats and protect sensitive data.

These documents are what I think is important for new and seasoned cloud security folk who work with Microsoft slash Azure. I'm sure when I delve to the darkside (AWS) I'll do a similar post.